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  • The Healing Loft 719 Queen Street East Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6A 2A8 Canada (map)

719 Queen Street East (Front Entrance), Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Cost is $40.00

Join Reiki Master Teacher and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner Anne-Marie Caicco and Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master Sarah Fratesi in An Exploration of the Root Chakra, a workshop that focuses on exploring the First Chakra - the Root Chakra.

There are seven major chakras located in the body. The chakras are vital energy centers, and each chakra is linked to certain parts of the physical body. Each Chakra is also linked to certain emotions, mental patterns, and to our spirit.  When a chakra is healthy, balanced, and open, then the mind, body, emotions, and spirit related to that chakra are healthy, balanced and open as well.

The Root Chakra connects us with our sense of groundedness. When off-balance, we may feel low energy, alienated from ourselves and others, and easily angered. When in-balance we may feel secure, stable, and full of health, energy, and vitality. The Root Chakra is also connected to our family, our home, our community, and the earth itself. This workshop will give you tools to better understand, balance, protect, and heal your Root Chakra. 

An Exploration of the Root Chakra is the first in a series of workshops that explores the seven major chakras. You are welcome to join all the workshops, or just choose the ones that interest you.